Real-world results

Ryanair: The sky was not the limit for this brand awareness campaign

In a 2017 campaign run by Ryanair, the leading low-cost flight provider wished to promote their latest offers in Spain and Italy and inspire readers to plan and book holidays at their affordable, no frills prices.

For this campaign, high reach was paramount. The airline sought to reach the largest volumes of readers possible nationwide – especially those with disposable income considering booking a trip.

With Advance Media’s advice and guidance, Ryanair succeeded in covering all regions in Spain and Italy through a comprehensive and thorough media selection. Advance recommended achieving broad national reach by usage of national titles, while also placing ads in more focused titles for regions with limited coverage from national papers.

In the final media plan, the campaign proceeded with few titles while still succeeding in covering the whole target audience. This was largely possible due to the national reach of Advance’s key publications in the Spanish and Italian markets. By minimising the number of titles necessary to achieve optimal reach, Ryanair were able to run with a higher frequency per title, leading to a substantial increase in brand awareness. By changing creatives on a regular basis, Ryanair managed to appeal to a larger and more diverse audience and as a result, amassed significantly more interest in Italy and Spain.

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