Affari & Finanza to be restyled in October, various launch offers available

16 July 2018 Luke Baker

The new graphic layout of the supplement will be more akin to that of its parent newspaper La Repubblica, which was restyled last year.

Italy’s leading business weekly newspaper Affari & Finanza is set to undergo a restyling, starting October 1st. This follows the November re-imagining of La Repubblica, the most read newspaper by opinion leaders and decision makers in Italy, of which Affari & Finanza is a supplement.

The restyling will follow guiding principles of a contemporaneity, inter-nationality, personality, innovation and technology. A preview of some of the new structure and some updates to the publication as follows:

  • Graphic Layout: Angelo Rinaldi & Francesco Franchi, art directors of the project, will be aligning the fonts, structure, column distribution and graphic style of the new Affari & Finanza to that of La Repubblica
  • Structure/Content: The structure of the newspaper will be partially renewed and integrated with new contents as below:
    • Main News: Restructured to put more focus on comments, surveys and core news themes of the week, additionally introducing a Contents page with articles from European partners across 7 other European business titles
    • Global Village: Provides perspective on international business, with a new subsection devoted to technology (primarily Silicon Valley products)
    • Finance Section
    • Business Section
    • Innovation & Multimedia: Formerly the ‘Multimedia’ section, Innovation & Multimedia will now put more emphasis on innovation and technology themes, with less inclination to consumer electronics
    • Careers Section
    • Industry, Style & Design: Formerly ‘Fashion & Design’, this revised section will deal with aspects of design, personal goods, cars and fashion, with a focus on the main international players in these industries
    • Focus’/Special Features: Largely unchanged, but revised to be in-fitting with the new graphic layout

Various launch offers are available for the first month of the restyled publication – please get in touch with Advance Media for further details and to take advantage of the increased fanfare around the title’s renovation.


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    Affari & Finanza to be restyled in October, various launch offers available

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